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Energy Saving


The coupled equipment of diesel generator is simple, and with less auxiliary equipment,small size and low weight.Compared with diesel generator, hydroelectric generator need to build the dam, and steam generator need to configure boiler, fuel capacity and water treatment system. Diesel generator require much smaller volumes ,low investment costs, so the construction is faster. Compared with hydro, wind, solar and other renewable energy power generation and nuclear power, thermal power, the construction and comprehensive cost of diesel generator is the lowest. When the condition is changed, the fuel consumption rate curve is flat, so the diesel generator is economical even running under the a low load. The maintenance operation of diesel generator is simple, so it needs less personnel, and the maintenance during standby is easy.


Environmental Protection


Diesel generator has the feature of low fuel consumption, low emissions and low noise. Meanwhile, Diesel engine is the most efficient heat engine, whose effective thermal efficiency is 30% to 46%. Campared with the diesel generator, the effective thermal efficiency of high pressure steam turbine is 20/-40% and that of gas turbine is 20%-30%. The emission of marine generator can meet the globle standard absolutely. The silent type generator can effectively reduce the noise of the generator. The noise of general generator is 120-140db, and the silent type could reduce it to 60db.


Quality Assurance


Over the years, we always adhere to high standards and strict product quality, according to the principle of reasonable price and high quality . We attaches great importance to the contract, and keep promise, honest .Meanwhile we are combined with advanced technology and test method, in order to provide you with comprehensive service! We have a group of senior engineers, technicians and all kinds of stable high-quality staff, so that we are able to provide reliable technical support for your product.