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  •  Q1. No reaction when starting or slow revolving speed
  •  Q2. The motor can not be ablage
  •  Q3. Stopping aytimatically when starting
  •  Q4. Eliminate black smoke when exhausting
  •  Q5. Eliminate blue or white smoke
  •  Q6. Roughness of engine
  •  Q7. Abnormal knocking in the motor
  •  Q8. Abnormal knocking when strike the motor
  •  Q9. Underpowered of the motor
  •  Q10. The oil pressure
  •  Q11. Engine coolant temp too high
  •  Q12. The pressure is too low for the charging generator or can not generate
  •  Q13. Can not stop
  •  Q14.Oil leakage in the between the turbocharger and exhausting pipes or the plane between the exhausting pipe and the exhausting pipe